//How to use your communication skills as a tool for nation building

How to use your communication skills as a tool for nation building

How to use your communication skills as a tool for nation building

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Communication is a major tool to effect any positive change in any society or nation. Communication skills is not about talking professionally like in the case of professional speakers or speech making. Communication skills simply means passing the message to your audience/person with clear understanding as confirmed with a feedback. Without feedback your communication, may be misunderstood. As simple as it is, if you can say something, and someone can hear you and understands then you have the communication skills which can be improved. Start making use of your skills. During any communication, your major aim is to pass a clear message for understanding.

Now, you can use your communication skills to bring about change in your community. Focus on your choice of words to pass the message. Get rid of ambiguous words. It is not necessary in any communication. Start saying something about your community, country or environment. When you use the right words to deliver a message, it is often seen as a constructive speech or comment. Practice talking with your colleagues and share your ideas with your friends, this enhances your skills and then contribute to changing peoples thought towards becoming a better person.

In terms of nation building, communication skills is very vital to achieving this. You can start by starting a blog, website, video portals or local magazines to spread your message. Do not keep quiet of anything you see around your community. Say it, write it in your blog and share with your friends. This is a crucial part of building any nation. Remember to always use the right words to pass your message.

For example, if you see that the leaders in your community, suppose to build roads or establish industries in your city or community but they fail to do it, you can make them to respond or start to do it through communication. Offer them the challenges, the situation and possible solutions. It is easy for them to ignore you, but keep spreading the news because by so doing you are educating others about it thereby making everyone to be aware and become wise.

In developed countries, communication is the major tool for making the government or those in authority to respond or fulfil their responsibilities to the public. Start a blog today!

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Good luck!