//How to remain happy in your relationship!

How to remain happy in your relationship!

How to remain happy in your relationship!

Happiness and joy is the fruit to your soul. It keeps your soul and mind refresh at all times and should not be abuse for what so ever reasons! To remain in happiness, you have to make the choice. Happiness is a choice, it is not dependent on your relationship, business, daily life or situations surrounding you.

Make a choice to always be happy no matter the situation or challenges you find yourself. And you can always remain happy in your relationship. First of all, you must of considered and have decided to go into the relationship based on our last article(please refer to our last article on how to win in any relationship) and since it is something that you have planned to do, you need to accept or quit the relationship. There is no benefit at all to quit in any relationship except it is life-threatening.

Next step, is to accept the person the way he/she is, understand that they have different orientation and background from you. So you can complement each other to form the bond to live or succeed together.

Avoid comparison to others, work on your relationship with understanding, do not force your relationship to be like that of your friends or to turn out to be just like your parents are thinking it should be. Give it time, it is a learning process. At a time, you will win in its due time.

Just make it work.

Good Luck!