//How to initiate your value skills

How to initiate your value skills

How to initiate your value skills

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Often times people find it difficult to initiate their value skills. Simply put they look down on themselves. A lot of people focus on the outside of their environment to seek for help or assess their value worth with their friends, neighbours and mates.

I feel like screaming right now inside your ear drum now! Stop looking outside for help, comparison or luck. The solution to your challenges, problems and needs is within you. The keyword “Inside of you” So the solution to all the challenges around your environment, schools, environment, country, government or leadership is inside of you.

May be you are wondering, what can I do? The fact that you are wondering about the situation is a great sign to show that you have the solutions for the problems. Then you need to step further to getting the answer to that question.

The steps:

  1. What is the problem-identify it
  2. Research on people, persons or countries that had similar issues
  3. Learn from the already existing solutions
  4. Get a skill if needed
  5. Duplicate or improve on the already existing solutions and apply it to your situation.
  6. Do not quite- Because you can never solve the problems if you do!

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Good luck!