//How to be relevant in your community

How to be relevant in your community

How to be relevant in your community

To be relevant in any community is what any nation needs to be productive, viable and sustainable. And this is a very rare feature in any community. We do not often see people talk about what they can do to salvage any challenge in their community instead you see them quarreling, arguing and abusing others especially their leaders.

Every citizen of any nation is responsible to be relevant in their community. It is not the duty of the government to make things work out as such in any community. If you are citizen and you know what you want, go ahead and create and make it a reality. For example, if there is no job and there is no job in your community, do not wait for anyone to create job for you, instead create one for yourself. If everyone does the same, every community will be successful and productive.

It has to do with a proper re-orientation to understand that you are responsible to make your community a better place and not the government. The government also have a major role to play in nation building like a viable policy to help the citizens, provision of assistance and resources to make things work. The fact still remains that the government will not do anything for you and if they do, it will not be so effective as being done and own by the community members who understand their situation and can provide exact solutions to meet their needs.

And if any citizen needs something, then draft it out on paper and present it to the government for approval. There is no need to argue, abuse or fight with each other. Go get a skill and be relevant to your community.

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