//How to be an active agent of change in your community

How to be an active agent of change in your community

How to become an agent for positive changes and nation building

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Often times many people ask how can few societies, nations or countries do well than the others. The developed countries understand the secrets and they work by principles and laws through several policies enacted to foster growth in their nations.

Developing countries abandon the immediate needs of their nations to tackle issues publicly that can be settle internally. From our research, no developed countries have ever come in the public to say their country is corrupt. Rather they create a system internally to fetch and uncover crimes, so they simply put a system in place.

Now, as a youth or a person within the age bracket of 14-65 years of age, you can become very active and agent to foster development and positive changes in your country.

Start by acquiring knowledge, read books, read and study histories who have made it, countries that are doing well. Then stop blaming anybody, not even your government or leaders and get back to the drawing board to implement what you have studied. Some may require you to get a skill or some special training or even a mentor/coach.

Accept the fact that you are the people responsible to make your country a better place. Start by doing it in your school, community, church or any immediate environment.

The need to educate others is very important. In fact if everyone is educated to have a better understanding of the fact that everyone is responsible to making any nation great, the job is already done 85%.

Good luck!