//How to start a genuine relationship!

How to start a genuine relationship!

How to start a genuine relationship!

Yes there is still genuine dating! Have you been in a genuine relationship before now? or still in one? How did you make it to work/ There is no love and I do not believe in love? These are obvious questions always asked by people! The answer is Yes, there is true love, genuine relationship and I am a witness.

How can you start a genuine relationship? This is simple, start everything right on the first day! Some relationships failed because the people involved were not real to themselves! They use fake names, fake address, borrowed cars, shoes, tell lies about their job, family, education, past relationships?

Everything has to be right to be a genuine one. Sometimes all may not be so right but with time, things should fall in place for the each other. Another aspect is are you ready for a genuine relationship? what is your motive for going into any relationship?

With the right motives, you can make a genuine relationship! Start your relationship with the right motive, the motive to stay, love your partner, overlook mistakes, tolerate each other and understand each other.

Good luck!