We are giving you the opportunity to partner with us. You will have access to all the training materials, courses, articles, videos, advice, modules and assessment + funding with earning potential of £100-£1000 daily. To partner with us, choose any of the 3 major partnership packages available at the moment.


We believe in hard work and hard work pays. There is no food for lazy people. And to create value for wealth, you must be hard working to be able to provide solutions to people’s problems. We pay you for posting, sharing and tagging not less than 10 friends on face book and to visit some links for us.

Do you want to work from your own home? Just with your laptop or smart phones? Do you want to be free from working for somebody? Or you are interested in running a business of your own? Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Do you want another source of income?

Do you want to work at the comfort of your own home? Or you have been looking for a legitimate online business? An alternative source of income? To be there for your family?

Whatever your dreams maybe? To own a new house? Estate, Cars, financial freedom?

The solution is taking the right decisions now. We have the best solutions for you. We offer you the opportunity to become a partner with us. An unlimited life time value worth never to miss! The offer will be open for a limited time.

As a PARTNER, we pay you for doing 3 simple things for us:

  1. Watching videos, reading/writing articles and sharing the videos/articles to your friends
  2. Interview and follow up your friends who watched the videos and ask them to join as a partner
  3. like our Facebook page, share our posts and send us your friends email and phone number for official follow up.

What the video/article is about?

The videos/articles are short 5-10 minutes videos or 200 words article that is designed to create the right mind-set for innovations, personal and economic value systems. It is a specialised personal developmental course that will enable you to achieve your dreams/destiny in life as well as become a viable agent for change in your community. The videos/articles will inspire you to become an entrepreneur. It will help you to start up your ideas/innovation. It is a tool that will help you to set up your businesses. There is nothing attached to endanger your life, rather helps to make you become what you have always wanted to be in life. Our vision is to help every youth or persons to change the wrong mind-set of looking for jobs after school and become responsible for creating jobs with your skills or ideas in your community. We created this course/programme to help everyone change their mind-set positively and create a value system that will bring peace, development and solutions to the challenges in our communities.

A premium partner can earn as much as £100-£1000 daily. We pay you as soon as your total earning is up to £10. Payment is paid directly to your bank account.

What to do to be paid

Simply review the articles on any category on our website by login to your partner dashboard, on any article, use the face book or whatsapp icon/button to share the article on our face book page- value industries with hash tag (#) your username during registration. Share and tag at least 10 your friends, post to your wall/timeline, friends wall, comment and share to all groups you belong. Very simple right? you get paid £1-£5 for each view/friend tag/shares/seen/genuine comments/traffic/read. We can identify you with your hash(#) tag username. For your articles to be approved, you MUST have not less than 10 seen/read/views on each articles. You must always 10 news friends to each posts.

So what are you waiting for? get paid today by doing simple things, you can work at home or anywhere you want, just with your laptop or smart phones.

Choose any of the following packages to enrol as a partner:

1. SharePay

SharePay is the premium package for students and youth with a one-time registration fee of £8 or $12 or #4000 with a condition to MUST enrol at least one (1) person to receive your first payment. You can use your affiliate link to enrol or send the details to us for confirmation. We pay you for posting, tagging and sharing our articles and videos on face book, twitter, whats-app and Instagram. Each post/share is £1 and the minimum payment threshold is £10 paid directly to your bank account. There is a referral bonus of £1 for each enrolment using your affiliate link.



2. Premium Partnership

(a) Premium Portfolio with the cost of £100 or (b) Investment Portfolio with the cost of £500. In this package, we will create your own business for you with your own desired business name together with a professional website with all technicalities handled by us and show you what to do daily. We pay you within £100-£1000 daily depending on your initial investment and hard work.

CLICK HERE TO ENROL-Premium Partnership (£100) or (£500)


3. ValuePay

Enrol in ValuePay with £50 or 26K Naira only to receive 50K or £100 daily. Terms and conditions apply. Visit www.valueindustries.co.uk/valuepay to get more info.

Note: You must ask questions to understand each package before you choose to enrol. We want to make sure you understand what to do before we enrol you into our projects. We have 24-hours dedicated customer service to help you achieve all your goals for success in this company. Please do not try to convince any one to register with this company. Simply refer anyone to us. We will do the talking and convincing for you. Your job is only to share this information to your whats-app groups, face book friends and to face to face people in your school, church, mosque, market or community. Above all, you will benefit from our free training course on how to create and develop a personal value system to create value for wealth in your community, country or world.